National Supply Partners


To provide our clients with a robust national service we operate a unique ‘hybrid’ waste collection model that maximises our own expertise in the London and Thames Valley area whilst leveraging local knowledge from our Approved Partner Network in other parts of the UK. This means that just over 70% of collections are carried out by our own fleet and 30% through our network of over 140 preferred suppliers.

By partnering with these trusted suppliers, it enables us to meet the demands of our customers throughout the UK, together with their diverse range of waste streams. A major benefit of this model to the client is the flexibility available to deliver ‘bespoke’ localised waste management solutions that minimise the carbon footprint whilst maximising recycling.

We seek to move our clients further up the waste hierarchy and so many of our key suppliers have invested in new technologies, such as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) for ‘energy from waste’, composting and alternative treatment methods, and are able to deliver ‘zero to landfill’ solutions today. In many cases our suppliers are recycling in excess of 85% to 90% of all waste delivered into their facilities.

The relationship between Simply Waste Solutions and our Approved Partners is based on a mutual understanding of each other’s business models, meaning we all operate trucks, manage the logistics directly and have invested in regional recycling infrastructure. This makes us very different to typical broker-type operators as the only differentiation they have is based around lowering prices. We and our partners, on the other hand, are not just focused on delivering long-term value to our customers but also extracting as much value out of waste streams as possible and moving our clients further up the waste hierarchy.

All of our approved partners have a very clear focus and strategy towards optimising recycling by continually improving the performance of transfer station and MRF facilities, thus enabling as much material to be captured and diverted from landfill. We do not work with suppliers who have a high reliance on landfill, unlike many national operators who still have a vested interest in utilising their landfill resource.

In all cases our Approved Partners are regularly audited to ensure that they meet the legal and environmental standards required to service our customers’ sites (see diagram above). This will include an assessment of their site operation, onward disposal routes and end processing of materials.