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Is it time for a clear out? Need a professional junk clearance service? We have the solution for you! Just use the Order Form below to book a collection and we will send a manned vehicle to clear the waste for you.

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our collection team will load the van with your waste and clean up after themselves, all you have to do is tell us where the rubbish is and we’ll do the rest. Our man and a van clearance service makes a great alternative to skip hire. If you’re having a clear out, make sure you do it Simply!

Load Size Guide

To help you decide what type of collection you need, you can use this guide. We offer four types of load size to make it easy for you to book.

clearance van small load

Quarter Load

  • Approx. Capacity:
    40-50 waste bags

Clearance van medium load

Half Load

  • Approx. Capacity:
    90-100 waste bags

Clearance van large load

Full Load

  • Approx. Capacity:
    180-200 waste bags

Time Allocation

Each load size comes with an allocated loading time; 30 minutes for a Quarter Load, 45 minutes for a Half Load and up to 90 minutes for a Full Load. If you think your waste will take longer to load than these times, please let us know.

Weight Allocation

Each load type comes with an allocated weight allowance. The weights are aligned with the charges we apply for various load sizes and as such if a load is found to be in excess of the weight limit, we reserve the right to seek recompense for additional weight collected. A Quarter Load’s limit is 250kg’s, a Half Load’s limit is 500kg’s and a Full Load’s limit is 1000kgs.

Fair Pricing Policy

We appreciate that estimating the amount of waste you have can be difficult. Through our Fair Pricing Policy, we ensure that you won’t be penalised for not “guesstimating” correctly. If, when we have loaded your items onto the vehicle, we find that the 1/4 load (as an example) you have booked goes slightly over, it won’t be an issue. If the clearance van takes us an extra few minutes to load, there is no need to worry. We understand that even for people like us, who have worked in the waste and recycling industry for many years, it can be hard to accurately judge the size of a load; so we have no intention of trying to charge you extra for a minor miscalculation.

Our Fair Pricing Policy gives you some leeway as to what we would define as reasonable accidental overuse of vehicle space allocation or time allocation for the service you have booked. We like to keep things as simple as possible, so if you do have any major concerns with regard to load size our friendly staff are on hand to offer you free advice about the best solution for you and to ensure that you are confident that the service you have booked is adequate. If when our staff arrive, they estimate a different load size is required they will discuss this with you and any changes to the order can be dealt with by our office immediately to upsize or downsize your order.

Our vehicle comes with one crew member to do the loading for you. If you require a second person to help load we can supply one at a cost of just £40. This can be requested when one of our team calls to confirm your booking and take payment.

Waste Acceptance Criteria

We appreciate that when having a clear out you can come across all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Whilst our service is flexible in what it can collect, we can’t take certain materials and some other may attract additional fees for specialist recycling or treatment. We would also like to mention that this service isn’t suited to heavy waste materials like mud, bricks, hardcore or cement so please bear that in mind when booking. If you have any of the things on the list below to dispose of then please let us prior to booking your service as it may affect the price charged:

Fridges/Freezers, electrical items, tyres, paint cans, TV’s/monitors, asbestos, clinical/medical waste, florescent tubes, solvents, liquids, oil, batteries, plasterboard, hazardous/toxic material, gas cylinders, mattresses, large quantities of mud/hardcore/stone/cement/sand, objects that present a risk to the health and safety of our personnel.

This list is not exhaustive but features the main categories of materials that concern us. Should you have any questions please contact us.

Please be aware that should we discover any of the above items in your load post-collection, we will contact you to make you aware. This may result in additional charges or us returning the waste load until we are happy that any unsolicited items have been removed.

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