Get Your Waste Sorted For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, excitement is building as we enjoy our seasonal festivities and look forward to the New Year. As we consider the art of gift giving we think of the personal touches that make our gifts special, with extravagant wrapping and personalised cards so that our gifts can be remembered and cherished! But once the gifts are given, the dinners eaten, the fizz consumed and we emerge into the New Year what are we left with??

WASTE! Of course we can tuck away the unused wrapping paper or multi pack of cards to be re used next year but what about the mountain of paper and packaging that surrounded your precious tokens of the holiday and the stack of cards, full of sentiment that now lay in a pile on the side.…ding, ding, ding, of course the answer is Recycling! It almost goes without saying, we all know about the advantages of recycling and you probably even have a recycling bin of some form already. When it comes to Christmas we generate more than just paper waste, what about the leftover food and bottles too?

Here at Simply Waste we believe that waste deserves a second life, ensuring that landfill is not it’s final destination! Paper, Card, Food and Glass are just a few of the many waste types we collect to be recycled; Additionally we ensure that the general waste we collect is transformed into energy.

We’re ready for Christmas and the sled load of waste it brings but can you say the same for your business?

Find out what we can do for your business this Christmas…

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