Local Loop Recycling

Taking action to reduce waste miles

At Simply Waste, we believe in being as environmentally responsible as possible, and this also extends to how we deal with your waste once it’s collected.

It would be morally wrong if your efforts to reduce, recycle and reuse your waste are offset by your waste management company then transporting it long distances to reprocessing facilities which are either more convenient or financially viable to them. Not only will this pump more harmful emissions into the atmosphere but it also increases operating expenses which will undoubtedly impact customer pricing.

Simply Waste Solutions has no financial stake in any reprocessing facility, which means we can pick and choose the most appropriate, and closest, sites across the UK to where the waste is being collected – unlike many large waste management companies, who operate their own facilities which may be many miles from your business.

In London and the Thames Valley, for example, we have significantly reduced the number of waste miles driven every day by instead barging it down the Thames, from where it is taken to a waste-to-energy facility. This is then turned into energy which is fed back into the National Grid and used to power homes and businesses.