Coffee Cup Recycling

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    Our Coffee Cup Recycling Service

    Does your business use disposable plastic and/or paper coffee cups? Have you thought about recycling these single-use cups? Paper and plastic cups like coffee cups cannot be put into a mixed recycling bin as the plastic used to make the cups waterproof can’t be separated using traditional sorting and recycling processes. Instead, paper cups contaminate recycling loads which could result in the whole load being treated as residual (general) waste.

    Why Choose Simply?

    Simply Waste Solutions offers segregated cup recycling bins specifically designed for used coffee or plastic cups to be discarded in.

    Cups can be mixed together in these waste bins, for example, a paper coffee cup and a fast food restaurant paper cup can be put in the same bin which will all be recycled.

    Baled paper and plastic coffee cups ready to be recycled through the Simply Cups UK scheme

    What happens when recycling Coffee Cups?

    We carry out paper and plastic cup recycling collections through Simply Cups, the UK’s first dedicated cup collection scheme. Once the cups have been collected, they’re taken to our West London depot, in Stanwell, where the mixed disposable cups are separated into bins of the same type before being baled.

    Once the cups have been baled, they are sent to a specialist paper mill that can process this material ready to be recycled into new products for a second life, such as the rCUP.

    Plastic and Paper Coffee Cup Recycling Collection Containers

    Internal cup recycling bins can be branded to match business colours and text fonts and there are various styles to choose from to best suit individual businesses needs. Cup recycling bins use clear bin sleeve bags that make seeing any contamination easy. Once the sleeves are full they can be placed in a clear waste bag and put in a wheelie bin ready for collection.

    For more information about single-use plastic and paper cup recycling check out the Simply Cups website.

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