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    If your business produces high volumes of waste or recycling, a waste compactor service could be for you. Suitable for most waste types a waste compactor has many benefits over standard waste collection methods.

    Simply Waste Solutions are able to provide all types and sizes of waste compactors to suit the requirements of your workplace. We can provide smaller units that are lifted with a skip vehicle for sites where you have limited space or particular access requirements. We also provide the large roll-on roll-of compactors, we recommend these units if your business produces large amounts of waste and has space on site.

    Static waste compactors can be provided for busier operations. We would provide the enclosed container to fit on to the waste compactor and when it’s full, we bring an empty container and exchange it.

    Portable waste compactors are usually provided when wet waste is prominent or if odour is a concern for you. The portable waste compactors are one entire unit and are available to be bought or hired from us.

    Our waste experts will be able to provide a full analysis of your sites requirements and waste need, they would then recommend the best machine for your business.

    Benefits of Compacting

    • Minimise cost
    • Minimise waste volume
    • Minimise vehicle movements on site
    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Increase space at your premises
    Adopting a compactor service is a proven way of creating revenue from your waste. If you produce and are able to separate high volumes of paper, cardboard or plastics you can sell any one of these materials as a commodity, or better yet, we can do it for you with our Mixed Load Collection Service. Waste Compactors are perfect for dealing with high volume, low weight waste and as such are ideal to house recyclable material.

    If you are considering hiring or purchasing a compactor speak to us today. Not only can we help you choose the right machine, we can also deal with the collection and recycling of your waste material and harmonise your compactor use with the rest of your waste management system.

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