Dry Mixed Recycling

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    Our Dry Mixed Recycling Service

    Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) collections have, for a long time, been the easiest recycling option available for businesses. This service is for plastic bottles, metal or steel cans, paper and cardboard. These materials can be mixed together in one container making it a simple option to boost recycling at your place of work. Recent changes in the recycling industry mean that the acceptance criteria for our DMR collection service is limited to only the items mentioned above.

    DMR is a convenient and effective way to dispose of clean, uncontaminated recyclable materials and is an environmentally friendly method of recycling as it reduces the need for raw materials, reliance on fossil fuels and carbon footprint.

    Educational material in the form of recycling posters and guides can be provided to ensure no prohibited types of waste make their way into your bin.

    Benefits of our DMR Services

    • Save money – Considerably cheaper than a general waste collection
    • Easy to adopt – Similar to the materials you can recycle at home
    • Be Green – boost your recycling rates
    • Impress your customers – people like to buy from environmentally responsible businesses

    Dry Mixed Recycling

    What happens to your Dry Mixed Recycling?

    The mixed recycling Simply Waste Solutions collect is sent to Materials Recycling Facilities within the UK for segregation. The individual types of recyclables are then distributed to reprocessors who create a resource to be used by manufacturers. This is how your recyclables start their second life.

    You may see your recycled materials again as a pen, bike, computer component or newspaper. If you would like to learn more about what you recycled waste might become take a look at the
    Journey of the waste.

    Dry Mixed Recycling Collection Containers

    Here are the containers we can offer for your dry mixed recycling collections, please click on the container to find out more information.

    Dry Mixed Recycling - Wheelie Bins

    Wheelie Bins

    Dry Mixed Recycling - Rear End Loader (REL)

    Rear End Loader (REL)

    Dry Mixed Recycling - Skip Packer (Portable Compactor)

    Skip Packer (Portable)

    Dry Mixed Recycling - RORO (Roll On Roll Off)

    (Roll On Roll Off)

    Dry Mixed Recycling - Static Compactor

    Static Compactor

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