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Our Food Waste Recycling Service

Food Waste Recycling is a great way to lessen the impact that your business activities have on the wider environment. The process of recycling food produces power, fuel and compost that is used widely in the agriculture industry. Ideally suited to businesses that produce a lot of waste food, our bins can be used to dispose of plate scrapings, offcuts, meat, fish, primary packaged food, dairy products, fruits and vegetables to name a few things.

Why Choose Simply Waste Solutions?

We are a Zero to Landfill waste management company. That means that we choose the greenest and most economically viable solutions for our customers waste and never consign waste to large holes in the ground! Did you know that for every tonne of food that goes into landfill, four tonnes of Green House Gases are released into the atmosphere as it degrades? When choosing a recycling service provider you should ask questions about what happened to your waste food once it’s collected.

Food Waste

What happens to your Food Waste?

Food Waste Recycling has gained a lot of momentum over the last few years. The capacity for the treatment of food waste has increased greatly with the new anaerobic digestion facilities springing up all over the country.
Anaerobic digestion (AD) is our favoured means of treatment for this great recyclable resource as it uses 100% of the waste processed. AD creates green energy and a nutrient rich digestate that can be used in the agriculture industry to grow more food instead of a carbon based petro-chemical version.

Food Waste Collection Containers

Here are the containers we can offer for your food waste recycling collections, please click on the container to find out more information.

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