Ready Made Solutions for Businesses

ready made solutions

At Simply Waste, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our willingness to find the right combination of bins and waste systems that best fit your business and waste needs. If you are unsure of what you should be looking for or would like to see what the most common waste systems for your type of business are, take a look at our Ready Made Solutions below. All of our offerings take into account the most economical, most environmentally friendly options available with all of them designed to keep costs down and recycling levels up.

Option 1

1100 litre Residual Waste Bin

If you run a pub, bar or venue that produces relatively low volumes of waste then this simple option gives you a single Residual Waste stream that can handle all of the normal waste that you produce. Even though recycling levels aren’t particularly high when dealing with Residual Waste alone we use zero to landfill treatment options to minimise environmental impact making the process as “green” as possible.

Option 2

1100 litre Residual Waste Bin, 240 litre Glass Recycling Bin

Ideal for small to medium sized premises that serve a lot of drinks! The addition of the Glass Recycling container makes this system suitable for bars and pubs and offers massive recycling benefits. Glass segregation is easy to achieve as we take any colour of glass and the 360 or 240 litre bins we offer for Glass Recycling are highly manoeuvrable allowing them to be used internally and externally.

Option 3

1100 litre Residual Waste Bin, 240 litre Glass Recycling Bin, 1100 litre Dry Mixed Recycling Bin

This is the most complete waste management system we recommend for pubs, bars or venues that do not serve food. It utilises three waste streams; Residual, Dry Mixed Recycling and Glass. The Dry Mixed Recycling container can handle your packaging and used drink cans, the Glass Recycling container can take your mixed coloured glass bottles and whatever you have left is handled by the Residual Waste container. This comprehensive system will have your recycling rates rocketing in no time.