Power of Reporting

Blue infographics documents with 3D graphs and charts of glass.

Simply Waste is pioneering the provision of rich management data that is helping its clients manage their waste more effectively.

We have invested in onboard technology that measures the weight of the bin as well as its location. The data is then transmitted to a sophisticated back-office system that generates powerful and detailed management reports which are updated on a monthly basis.

Information in these reports includes, for example, the total amount of waste collected, the percentage that was recycled and the amount of CO2 that was diverted.

A number of our larger customers benefit from bespoke reports, tailored to specific requirements and, very soon, all of our customers will be able to download their own real-time reports that will provide them with the data they need when they want it. Here are some examples of our reports.

Armed with detailed facts about the materials collected, we then work collaboratively with our clients to help them manage their waste more effectively. For example, if the bins are heavier than should be, then Simply Waste will identify the cause of the issue and propose effective solutions. This could require, for example, additional recycling bins for heavy materials such as glass or food waste. If the bins are continually overfilled, rather than adding additional bins to the site or increasing the frequency of collection, we would identify the problematic waste stream and work with the client to find ways to either minimise it or segregate it for recycling.