Additional Safety Features Added To The Simply Waste HGV Fleet

Due to the industry threat of roll-away incidents (failure of handbrake) and the increasing possibility of theft, we have worked hard to help ensure all our vehicles are safe from these types of threats. As a result, we have recently had new safety equipment fitted to our HGV fleet. This will prevent any likelihood of handbrake failure and/or the possibility of vehicle thefts.

This sophisticated isolation system fitted to the handbrake system will require any driver using one of our vehicles fitted with the system to:
• Wear a dedicated wrist band
• Have the driver’s door shut
• Be sat in the driver’s seat
• Swipe the wristband before the handbrake will be released

If a driver opens the door and gets out of the driver’s seat, the handbrake will automatically be applied, an audible warning sound is emitted and the vehicle will not be able to move until the door is shut, the driver is sat in their seat and again swipes the wristband against the pad.

Safety is of utmost importance in everything we do as a business as this is just the latest safety feature to be fitted to our fleet of trade waste vehicles to accompany 360° recording cameras, lane departure warning system, Cyclear alert system and automatic emergency braking, all complemented by our comprehensive driver training programmes.

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