Benefits of Dry Mixed Recycling

Internal recycling bin

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) is a convenient and effective way of disposing of clean, uncontaminated recyclable materials. Paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium can all be mixed together in one container to be collected and sorted at a Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF).

There are many benefits to using a DMR service including;

  • Easy, it is similar to materials that can be recycled at home
  • Saves you money, it’s considerably cheaper than using a general waste service
  • Space saving, if space is limited a DMR service eliminates the need for multiple recycling bins
  • New products, recycling these items ensures they will be turned into new products
  • Environmentally friendly, recycling reduces the need for raw materials, reliance on fossil fuels and carbon footprint
  • Be green, boost business recycling rates
  • Impress your customers, people like to buy from environmentally responsible businesses

What happens after the DMR is collected?

Simply Waste was one of the first UK waste management companies to achieve zero waste to landfill. The mixed recycling that Simply collects is taken to various MRF and is always processed here in the UK.
At the MRF there are various processes to ensure the waste is correctly segregated, once segregated the waste streams are distributed to reprocessing plants where they are fed back to manufacturers. You may see your recycled materials again as a pen, bike, computer component or newspaper.

What size bins can I use for DMR?
We can supply a wide variety of internal and external bins. We have different solutions to suit all business needs from smaller 240L bins to a static compactor for business that create large amounts of waste.

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