How COVID-19 Might Effect the Waste Industry – Office

Offices have looked very different over the past few months as employers and employees have been getting used to working from home. Employees have started returning to their places of work but it is causing many employers to look at working in the office in a different way. Great for some, but how might this affect the waste industry? Continue reading “How COVID-19 Might Effect the Waste Industry – Office”

Tips for 5 Common Throwaways at Christmas

What does Christmas day look like at your house? Wrapping paper is strewn across the floor, the smell of the Christmas dinner cooking in the oven, stacks of empty cardboard boxes and packaging, the half-empty tubs of chocolates (who keeps putting the wrappers back?!), sound familiar? But what should you do with all the extra waste that’s created over the holiday time? Continue reading “Tips for 5 Common Throwaways at Christmas”