Is Your Confidential Waste Being Securely Destroyed?

While working habits have changed, the need for confidential waste management has not.

With a significant amount of people still working from home, businesses and individuals will find themselves in the possession of confidential paperwork, IT equipment, old uniforms and branded materials that will need to be destroyed securely.

These aren’t items that can simply be put into general waste and recycling bins and businesses may now be required to manage confidential waste remotely. We offer home collections for confidential waste that provides peace of mind that sensitive materials won’t be left lying around to be misused and will be securely destroyed.

Where people are heading into offices and are able to take confidential waste with them, we offer lockable consoles that can be collected once full. If your business doesn’t create enough confidential waste to fill a console, we supply bags that you simply fill and seal ready for collection.

As businesses quickly prepared for home working and invested in laptops, this has left a lot of desktop computers surplus to requirements. We collect old IT equipment including USBs that will be securely and safely destroyed, ensuring that every piece of information stored on the device has disappeared and cannot be accessed.

If your business has any unwanted branded uniform or marketing materials this is something we can help with. Ensuring that no one can get their hands on your business’ branded materials is important to stopping any fraud or misrepresentation.

All our customers that choose secure destruction are issued with a certificate of destruction giving you peace of mind and assurance.

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