Our Colour Coded Bins

Stack of Colour Coded Bins

Here at Simply Waste Solutions, we like to take extra lengths to ensure that the recycling process is made as simple as possible. We have provided material such as recycling posters and even instructional videos to make this process even easier for a number of our customers.

Now we have taken it one step further, with our easy to recognize bin colours. With each of the major waste types having their own unique coloured containers, our customers and drivers can benefit from the simplicity of it.

Food Waste

Our Food Waste bins are now a visible bright orange colour.

Glass Waste

Glass is now a nice green colour much like a glass bottle.

Residual Waste

Residual waste remains in the very fashionable Simply Purple colour.

Here are some pictures of our new bins stacked.

stacked bins 2
Stacked Bins
stacked bins 3