COVID-19 Business Update

COVID-19 Business Update

During this time of turmoil, we wanted to assure our customers and suppliers that it is very much ‘business as usual’ for Simply Waste Solutions. We feel profoundly that we are all in this together and it is only together that we will stay strong over the coming weeks and months.

In line with government advice, we are obviously taking precautions to ensure the health of our staff, customers and suppliers. As such, we have enacted the following measures:

  • All face to face meetings have been cancelled in favour of video and telephone conferencing
  • Our staff, inclusive of our drivers and waste operatives have been asked to adhere to social distancing measures
  • All of our staff have been given the ability to sanitise properly as they go about their work
  • Government advice for staying healthy has been shared widely within our organisation to educate our staff
  • Staff that are able to work from home will do to limit the risk to the rest of our workforce and customers


Wherever possible we will continue collections as normal, in line with all government guidelines. As cleanliness is high on the agenda, we understand waste collections are integral to our customers continued operations.

If our customers are concerned about disposing of waste that has come into contact with the COVID-19 virus, we would ask in the interim that this waste is, as a minimum, double-bagged prior to collections. This is to maintain public health, the welfare of our collection crews and of course to help ensure that your own staff are suitably protected.

At Simply Waste Solutions we are confident that as a country we can get through this crisis with the right amount of decorum; something we Brits are famed for! We wish all of our customers and suppliers good health and implore them to stay positive.