COVID-19 Customer Update

As a country, we are facing extraordinary times as the COVID-19 pandemic really begins to bite.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that as Key Workers in a Key Sector, our business will continue to operate. Good sanitation is an important component of Disease Control and Public Health, two things very much at the heart of our issue with the pandemic. We would therefore highly encourage all our customers to continue to undertake a professional waste collection service. Our service is underpinned by new control measures that have been recently implemented to ensure the very highest of hygiene standards – and as a responsible employer, we also have over 80% of our staff working from home. If you feel that you need to adjust your schedules, then we are offering flexible terms for 30 days for no extra charge.

Because Simply Waste Solutions are unable to second guess whether you require changes to your schedules and because a waste collection is such an important part of maintaining high disease control standards, we expect most of our clients to keep schedules intact. If however, you do need to notify us of any changes they must be sent to We are unable to receive instruction in any other way.

Please be aware that we are working night and day to continue to provide you with a service that you can rely on.

Thank you for your continued custom, we wish you all the best during these very tough times.

Yours faithfully,

Caroline Hughes-Miles
Director of Customer Experience & Strategic Relationships