Flackwell Heaths ‘Battle’s Over’ Ceremony

Flackwell Heath's Remembrance day ceremony on village green. Crosses laid to remember those who fought for us

Hats Off to Flackwell Heath

Flackwell Heath villagers have been busy creating a memorial display to represent the fallen soldiers from the village in the First World War.

Local residents and scout group from the village where our head office is based have put together 55 white crosses and poppies to remember the bravery and the memories of those who lost their lives.

11th November 2018 marks 100 years since the guns fell silent at the end of World War 1 and the village is hosting its own ‘Battle’s Over’ ceremony in the Jubilee Garden. The names of each soldier will be read out and a poppy placed upon each cross.

We’re proud to have our head office based in a village with such a strong community feel. If you would like to find out more about the commemorative event click here.

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