Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween recycling tips and tricks text next to candle lit, carved pumpkin on field of grass

Lift your recycling spirits this Halloween with our spookily simple recycling tips and tricks.

After finishing your ghoulishly good tinned foods or drink cans remember to rinse them out and pop them in the recycling bin. This material can be recycled over and over again with no loss in purity.

Be sure to sink your teeth into your waste providers recycling acceptance list. From time to time, things change and you don’t want to be contaminating your recycling or not recycling something that can now be recycled – but remember, if in doubt, chuck it out in your general waste.

Squash your cardboard packaging and plastic bottles before shutting it away in your recycling container. Flat packing cardboard boxes and squashing your bottles will give you more room for your recyclables.

If your love for something has vanished, that top you always used to wear, those shoes that are past their best, let it go. If an item of clothing is still usable give it to your local charity shop, for items that can’t be worn again, recycle in your nearest textile collection centre.

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without scooping out the innards of a pumpkin and carving a scary face. But what happens to the remains? Hubbub reported that only 33% of people that buy pumpkins for carving cook the edible part they carve out. There are plenty of inspirational recipes online, but if you don’t fancy pumpkin for dinner, remember to pop the waste in your home compost or food waste bins.

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