How to Choose a Reliable Waste Management Company

Simply Waste Solutions 1100 Litre purple wheelie bins used for general waste or dry mixed recycling

Booking waste services for your home may seem like a quick and easy task, but there are a few things you need to consider to ensure your waste is being collected and disposed of legally.

Simply Waste Solutions has over 10 years’ experience of compliant, best practice waste solutions, so here is our guide to choosing a reliable, registered company:

Receive proof of their Waste Carrier Licence

As a waste producer, you have the responsibility to make sure your waste is handled by a licenced company. A company is legally required to register for a waste carrier licence if they are transporting, disposing of, buying, and/or selling waste.

Find out where your waste will be tipped

A reliable company will be confident in telling you where and how your waste will be disposed of. So, to ensure your waste isn’t fly-tipped, make sure to find out where and how it will be disposed of. If you don’t want your waste going to a landfill, make sure to check the company uses an Energy from Waste facility.

Obtain a Waste Transfer Note

A WTN is a legal document that details the transfer of waste from one person to another. Any reputable company will provide you with one of these. You have the responsibility to ensure your waste is handled correctly, and so, if your waste ends up being fly-tipped, you can be held responsible and be given a fine.

Do your research

It is always worth researching a company before purchasing a product or service, so here are a few things to check for when booking a waste service:

  • Does the company have a website?
  • Do they have any reviews? (You could check for Google Reviews, a Trustpilot profile, etc…)
  • Do they have branded vehicles? Fly-tippers are more likely to use unbranded vehicles.
  • Have you checked and compared prices? Sometimes it is just too good to be true, so don’t always settle for the cheapest.

We have put all this information in the poster below. Feel free to share it amongst friends and family so that they can book waste services with licenced companies.

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