How to Choose Good Waste Management

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Choosing a waste management company for your business can be a confusing task. With so many buzz words and promises, how do you know if your waste is being carried and treated legally?

Simply Waste Solutions has over 10 years’ experience of compliant, best practice waste management solutions, so here’s our guide to choosing the best waste management company to improve your business’ waste and recycling.


When choosing a service provider, you can’t ‘try before you buy’ and price plays a large part in which supplier you’re most drawn to, and usually, you get what you pay for. There is more to waste collections than just emptying a wheelie-bin and that’s where the price difference comes in.

Choosing a company that has a slightly higher price point should mean that they believe they offer a better service than others. Here at Simply Waste Solutions, we believe that our pricing is competitive but also gives us room to continuously improve.

A company like us that invests in modern trucks has fewer fleet-related service issues and produces less harmful emissions, investing in our people is also important to the smooth running of our business. Having longstanding employees with a wealth of knowledge, accompanied by the latest technologies, training and additional skill learning ensures that all aspects of the business run smoothly and efficiently.
There is also the matter of what happens to your business’ waste once it’s collected. Waste disposal ‘gate-fees’ are set by each site and must be paid to ensure the safe disposal of waste. It’s a legal requirement to ensure that any waste you produce is being collected by a legal waste carrier. To check that it’s being disposed of correctly, you can check if a supplier is registered on the government Environment Agency website.

When you’re next looking for a new waste management company don’t be afraid to ask; what their service success is, what added benefits they have and what happens to the waste and recycling they collect.


Having a reliable waste management contractor is imperative to the running of some businesses, especially those that are customer-facing – having overflowing and smelly bins doesn’t make for a nice ambience!

Not only are missed collections a pain, but it can also quite quickly become a health and safety risk. Some customers require collections within certain time frames, especially those in the hospitality and leisure industry and choosing a supplier that has the resources to do this is an important question to ask.

Choosing a company that has a good track record and that prides itself on being able to complete its jobs as expected will significantly simplify your business’ waste and recycling.

Customer Service

Sometimes, as much as we all try, it can’t be perfect 100% of the time – we’re all human after all, and despite best efforts there are some collections that can’t be completed from time to time.

It’s the next steps that are imperative to the smooth running of both our business and our customers. If we regrettably miss a collection, whether it’s our fault or not, we will automatically re-plan it within the next 48 hours. Some customers will require a collection before and that’s where our dedicated customer care team can help. They work to try and get a solution in place as soon as possible.

Environmental Credentials

As a waste producer, your business should be aware of where its waste is going and how it’s treated. When choosing a waste management company, you should obtain a Waste Transfer Note (WTN). A WTN is a legal document that details the transfer of waste from one person, or business, to another. As a business, you have a ‘Duty of Care’ for your waste and you should make sure that it is being dealt with in a legally compliant manner.

With us, your contract acts as your business’ WTN for the first year, after that you can contact us at any time, and we will send you one upon your request.

A WTN is a good place to start but there are many other credentials that aren’t legally required that we hold to prove how dedicated we are to the environment and performing best practice waste management. You can see all our credentials here.

Additional Services

Businesses create a wide variety of waste, so finding a waste management supplier that can manage all your waste streams for you will significantly simplify your business’ waste and recycling systems.

Here at Simply Waste Solutions, we’re seen as a ‘hybrid’ provider, this means we service sites on our own refuse vehicles as well as working with fellow trusted waste companies throughout the UK to offer a national service across all waste streams.

There are many benefits to this, especially if you have more than one business as they can be managed on one account with one simple invoice and one point of contact. To read more about our supplier relationships, click here.

Here at Simply Waste Solutions, our customers are at the forefront of everything that we do. We want to make sure that you’re receiving the high-quality service that you’re paying for. If you’re looking for a new provider or your current waste management supplier isn’t meeting your expectations, get in contact with one of our waste experts for a free no-obligation quote.
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