How to Correctly Dispose of Face Masks

Facemasks are a hot topic in light of current circumstances and government guidance, but how do you dispose of disposable facemasks correctly?

In a world where plastic pollution has been at the forefront of people’s minds for such a long time, it seems that with the introduction of facemasks, this has gone out of the window. Disposable facemasks that have not been disposed of correctly not only pose a risk of entanglement or ingestion for birds and other wildlife, these masks contain plastics which break down into microplastics that end up in the sea and food chain.

When you have finished with your disposable facemask, it needs to be placed into a general waste bin or a dedicated PPE bin. Unfortunately, masks are not recyclable through conventional recycling centres so masks should not be placed in recycling bins as this contaminates the load.

Masks are an important part of our lives now and will continue to be for some time. They are helping us to all get back to some level of normality as quickly as possible which is important for so many reasons. While masks are now a necessity, it would be a shame if disposable masks continued to be littered, causing widespread issues that will be felt for far longer than masks will (hopefully) be required for.

There are a range of reusable masks readily available or if you’re crafty you can make your own which would reduce huge amounts of single-use items going to waste.

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