Investing in Further First Aid Training

Simply Waste Solutions first aiders

We are pleased to announce that our Simply Waste Academy has made headway with a new company prime objective. We have started delivering in-house Level 3 Emergency First Aid at work courses to all frontline staff and operatives.

This training programme kicked off with a mixture of key head office and depot employees, adding to the list of our on-site first aiders. Not only does this up-skill our employees, this Level 3 qualification is equivalent to an ‘A’ Level and it’s fantastic being able to offer this to our workforce. We endeavour to be able to ensure that each of our trucks will have at least, one qualified first aider on board whilst in operation. Simply Waste Solutions could potentially be the first waste company to achieve this, enabling us to give back to the communities in which we operate.

A first aid award does not qualify someone to be a medical practitioner but can give people the knowledge and confidence to offer aid until someone more qualified can be in attendance.

St Johns Ambulance reported that 150,000 people could be dying unnecessarily every year due to a lack of first aid knowledge. 59% of people wouldn’t feel confident trying to save a life if they needed too and 24% would do nothing if they saw somebody struggling and would either wait for an ambulance to arrive or hope that a passer-by knew first aid.

With so many people dying because they didn’t receive life-saving first aid treatment in time, we are confident that what we’re doing could be of great service to the wider community and should be something other companies should consider following our lead.

We want to give our office and frontline employees the skills and confidence to offer potentially life-saving first aid if the situation arises. Our investment in this ongoing training further shows our dedication to up-skilling our workforce and hopefully will set a president for other organisations to follow.