LoCITY Champion Status

Simply Waste Solutions truck in London by the Shard

What is the LoCITY Programme?

LoCITY is an industry-led programme that is helping the freight and fleet sector lead the way in improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. It works with freight and fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, infrastructure providers, procurers and other key stakeholders to increase the availability and uptake of low emission commercial vehicles. It also offers guidance, tools, training and support, and will be launching the LoCITY Fleet Advice Programme in 2017.

Simply’s Involvement

Simply Waste Solutions have recently received LoCITY Champion status, which means that we are actively involved in creating, shaping and implementing the LoCITY programme to help improve London’s air quality. In this programme, we’ve been involved in looking at alternative fuels, predominantly CNG gas-powered vehicles and the associated refuelling infrastructure. We have also been trialling electric vehicles recently as part of the programme.

To ensure that we remain an environmentally friendly company we are committed to utilizing any procurement initiatives at our disposal. Within the last 15 months, we have been able to reduce our transport-related emissions by almost 19% after employing a dedicated Training Academy Manager, Kevin Barcroft. Kevin introduced a successful training regime which has significantly reduced work-related road risks, improved our OCRS score and built the foundations to progress to a FORS Membership Silver Standard.

Our driving workforce has been trained with the new CPC LoCITY Driver course, which has increased their awareness of the surrounding environmental issues and has identified what is needed to combat them. We have recently introduced a very successful Driver of the Year event which rewards our most safe, fuel-efficient and legally compliant drivers. This event promotes the application of the LoCITY training and drives us towards the Silver FORS standard.

We look forward to furthering our involvement with the programme to ensure that we are doing our part to help improve London’s air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

More Information:

If you would like to know more about the LoCITY programme, please click here. To see a full list of the current LoCITY Champions then please follow this link.