New Year, New Recycling System?

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Whether you run a small company or a national one, every business creates waste that has an impact on our environment. However, there are some simple things your business can implement to reduce its carbon footprint and possibly save money too!

So, with the new year why not get a new waste and recycling system. Simply Waste Solutions has over 11 years’ experience in servicing sites and has a good understanding of what businesses of varying sizes and needs would benefit from.

If your business is small and doesn’t create much waste or you have limited space for bins, we can provide a residual waste (General/Municipal/Trade waste) bin or bag collections, our residual waste collections never end up in landfill. It gets collected and taken to a waste to energy plant where it gets incinerated and in turn, generates electricity.

If your business has a larger site or has more room to house separate waste stream bins, we have many options available and can help you pick the best options for your business. Our most common waste streams are food, glass, dry mixed recycling (DMR) and residual waste. Each of these streams are always treated in the greenest means possible (more information can be found by following their links or clicking the icons below).

drawing of dry mixed recyclablesDMR

If large amounts of waste are produced on-site, we have waste machinery to buy or rent that compacts and bales your waste on. Having waste machinery will reduce the number of truck movements and minimise disruption on daily operations. Our waste compactors and balers come in various sizes to accommodate the space available and business requirements. Compactors are compatible with most waste streams, but using them for recyclable materials such as; paper, cardboard or plastic is better for the environment and will raise your recycling figures. If enough of this type of waste is produced, your recycling could be used as a commodity, meaning you could earn money on the waste collected from your business. To find out more about waste being a commodity, check out our mixed load collection page.

If you want a change this new year get in contact with us to see how Simply Waste Solutions could benefit your business. To discuss any of our services you can speak to one of our knowledgeable team on 03330 433 033, you can email with any queries or you can get a quick online quote by filling in the form below.

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