Our Driver Training Team

Kevin Barcroft, our Academy Training Manager standing in front of truck giving training

Training is an integral part of every business, especially when the business is built around drivers driving large goods vehicles (LGVs) like ours. Following our recent geographical expansion, we’ve needed to increase our driver training team.

As a business, it’s important to us that we promote internally so it was natural for us to offer this position to an already experienced Simply Waste Solutions driver. Martin Butora has been driving our trucks for nearly 11 years, he is a trusted employee and knows what is expected of our drivers.

Our Academy Training Manager, Kevin Barcroft, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in training and passed this on to Martin to deliver expert training courses. We have recently become an official training centre for the delivery of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for the Joint Approvals Unit of Periodic Training (JAUPT).

Being able to deliver this training in-house allows Kevin and Martin to give training that is bespoke to suit the business’ needs and ensure that every one of our drivers understands how to keep themselves and everyone else around them safe whilst doing their job as well as the professionalism and levels of excellence that is expected of them.

Kevin and Martin are moulding the future of our driving team and ensuring that all our drivers are equipped to facilitate our growing business and complete each job to the high standards we expect.
Watch this short video to get to know who our training team are and understand the importance of their roles.