Simply Weighing in with New Investment

Simply Waste Solutions has expanded the scope of their recycling services by investing in a surface mounted weighbridge from Vehicle Weighing Solutions at their West London Depot. This large weighing scale, allows us to accurately record load weights by weighing our vehicles loaded and unloaded. Each vehicle gets a unique printed ticket with both weights recorded to calculate load weights quickly.

This recent investment supports our recycling collection services which include wood, glass, plastics, cardboard and paper cups. The weighbridge integrates well with our new articulated lorry’s baled and mixed collection load service. The new installation means a quicker turn around for customers that are using this service, as we can unload commodities and rebate our customers for their materials with greater accuracy and greater speed.

As the price of goods are dictated by their weight, it’s crucial to ensure that the weighing equipment is accurate to ensure correct payments for our customers and suppliers. The load cells are the prime measuring sensors and are fitted into the structure and calibrated. The scales can measure in 2kg increments and can accommodate weights of up to 50 tonnes.

Weighing equipment
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