Tips for Sharing Sustainability Success

Sustainability and environmental impact are rapidly becoming an essential staple of any business’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, and rightly so.

With the environment continually being such a hot topic, businesses that put sustainability at the heart of their offering are winning the hearts of consumers. Recent research by SmartEnergy impressively found that 4 out of 5 people describe themselves as likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability.

These results speak for themselves; if you’re not showing that you’re taking action to be more sustainable, you’re going to be left behind and consumers will naturally gravitate elsewhere. It’s important to shout about what you’re doing to become more sustainable, however big or small. This is our guide to sharing some of the great work you’re doing, whatever stage of the process you’re at:

  1. Give sustainability pride of place on your website – your website is likely to be the first time that a consumer interacts with your brand, so make sure your sustainability efforts have a presence. Leading businesses such as Nandos have a dedicated sustainability page on their website, showing what they’re doing as a business to make a difference.

  2. Set yourself targets and share them – anyone can say they’re becoming more sustainable but setting a real target makes you look as if you’re going to walk the walk, as well as just talking the talk. As recently as last year, Microsoft set themselves the ambitious target of being carbon negative by 2030 and removing all of their historical carbon emissions by 2050. This can be communicated to customers, to the media and also via your owned channels (website, social media etc.)

  3. Involve your staff and customers in the journey – sustainability evokes a lot of passion within people and a great way to engage your stakeholders is to involve them in your journey. Whether it’s internally and asking your staff to have an input on what more you could be doing or outwardly asking your customers, involving them in your ambition to become more sustainable is likely to be looked on very favourably.

    This was something done successfully by PG Tips, where their workers at their tea factory in Trafford Park, approached management with an idea about sustainability. With most tea in Britain coming in paper tea bags, the team suggested reducing the end seals of each tea bag by 3mm and as a result, saving 15 huge reels of paper every shift. As well as lessening its impact on the environment, it resulted in huge economic savings too.

These tips are just a small sample of some of the great things that business have done and can be done to increase positive sentiment of your brand.

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