Top tips to choosing the right waste management

Whether you’re looking for someone to take away a one-off waste collection from your home or if you’re a business looking for regular waste collections, it’s important that you choose a reputable waste management company.

Making the wrong choice means your waste could be treated incorrectly and recycling procedures not being followed.

Here are our top tips for making the right choice:


The first place people go to when choosing a product or service is to a company’s website; waste management is no different. Take a thorough look through their website to check that all the information is up to date and they’re uploading regular content. Inactive social media feeds and an outdated website could set alarm bells ringing.


Take a look at any imagery of their fleet of trucks and vehicles, this should be found on their website or social feeds. An absence of photos or visibly tired-looking vehicles are again signs that a company should be avoided.

Ask for the legal paperwork

This is the most significant one – a reputable waste provider will be able to show you all of the legal paperwork and certificates that they possess. Even if you’re arranging a domestic collection such as a skip or a man in a van service, it’s important to know that your waste is being disposed of and treated correctly.

Choosing a Zero to Landfill company such as ourselves gives you the confidence that any waste that can’t be recycled, is taken to an Energy from Waste facility.

Check their waste treatment procedures

Building on the above, ask your provider how they handle and treat your waste. It’s not unheard of for unreputable companies fly-tip your waste and as it’s your waste, unfortunately, you’re the one liable, unless you can prove with documentation who you paid to take the waste away.

While they’re relatively straightforward tips to follow, taking this extra due diligence and choosing a reputable waste supplier is time well spent and could save you a big waste headache.

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