Transitioning from HGV Cab to Office

Nav Bhogal transitions from truck cab to depot office

Simply Waste Solutions has promoted one of its long-standing HGV drivers, to a permanent position in the office. Nav’s new job title is Mobilisation Service Controller, this new position is to streamline the container delivery routes, ensuring that we make a great first impression on our customers.

Nav is using his experience as a driver is many ways; his knowledge of the roads to ensure routing is being planned efficiently, his experience of speaking to customers to pass on feedback to improve services, monitoring stock levels and implementing changes that will benefit many of our drivers and yard workers.

His main role is to manage the flatbed lorry rounds, these are mainly used to deliver new wheelie bins and replace any that have broken. Using his knowledge of the issues the flatbed drivers encounter, he’s introduced wheelie bin washing and bin mechanics into the yard. These new additions improve the services that we offer, and that the customer receives.

Since moving positions I’ve been able to get first-hand experience of the processes the office goes through, such as listening to customers needs and answering their queries. Previously as a driver and like many others, I didn’t always understand the need for some of the procedures and questions asked, but now I can relay to the drivers why these are important.Nav Bhogal, Mobilisation Service Controller

Answering emails is something that he’s still adjusting too, but Nav is enjoying the office lifestyle, drivers and office staff are already commenting on how the flatbed service is improving.

We are always looking at how we can improve our service and feel that this move has already and will continue to aid us in that. Listening to all our employees feedback to improve and streamline our services is imperative to our growth. Internal promotion is an important aspect of life at Simply Waste as it rewards our current employees, as well as allowing them to grow with the business and sculpt their own path for the future, and this is something that we pride ourselves on.