Your Waste Management Company has moved to Stanwell Depot!

We have recently opened our depot in Stanwell Moor (Southwest of Heathrow Airport), which is located closer to London and allows us to continue offering top level waste services to the nation’s capital. With our fleet having to travel less distance to complete their waste collections, we have become even more efficient as a waste management company. Our staff have also seen the benefits of the new depot, with new IT equipment and better facilities that enhance their working environment. The new site offers some great benefits including our very own Mini Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where we prepare paper cups for recycling, better facilities for our trucks and lots of capacity to support our growth.

Your Waste Management Company is now in stanwell!

Waste Management Company new depot

Simply Waste Solutions is one of the fastest growing waste management companies in the UK (See Fast50 Awards), we collect many types of waste including General Waste, Dry mixed recycling, Glass Recycling, Food Recycling and including Compactor hire and Baler hire.

As a waste management company we look at this development as another step in our growth and look forward to growing even more in the years to come.