Our Constantly Evolving Fleet

Simply Waste Solutions trade waste vehicle outside of St Paul's Cathedral in London

For many of our larger customers, increasing recycling rates is one of their key sustainability goals.

Whilst they will always produce some form of residual waste, we work closely with our clients to identify practical ways to recycle as much of the material they throw away as possible, which not only improves their CSR credentials but also helps them reduce operational costs.

At Simply Waste, this means we not only make available a wide range of bags, bins and containers for an ever-growing range of waste streams but we also constantly invest in our fleet of vehicles to collect these in the most efficient way possible.

We now have a fleet of 45 vehicles that include vans, top loaders, rear loaders, recycling trucks, food waste trucks, roll-on / roll-offs and skip / compactor trucks. Whatever the type of waste you produce; we can find a receptacle for it, collect it and then send it on for reprocessing. None of our waste goes to landfill and so you can trust us to manage your waste in the most environmentally responsible way possible.