How COVID-19 Might Effect the Waste Industry – Events

Large scale events have stopped for now and when they do return, there will be a limited amount of people allowed to attend.

Events at venues create a lot of general waste on a regular basis but with fewer people there, it goes without saying that will be less waste. With test events planned for fans attending sporting fixtures in August and September, they will be subject to the same social distancing and cleanliness guidelines as the hospitality industry.

There will, of course, need to be changes but with the event industry widely using disposable single-use items such as plastic cups, food packaging and cutlery, it won’t be too different for them. There will be the addition of PPE for staff which will need to be disposed of as well as the introduction of more single-use items such as condiment sachets but aside from this, we don’t foresee it having too much of an impact on the type of waste events are typically disposing of.

The main impact will, of course, be felt by the reduction in crowds at these events and as we said earlier on, less people means less waste. However, some businesses might use this pandemic to start offering ticketed events with less people such as drive-through cinemas, food events, fitness events etc…

While there will still be a need to collect waste, we expect major event operators to be requesting far fewer bins to reflect the drop in spectator numbers. Much like the hospitality industry, we’ll have to wait until full crowds are allowed at events before waste numbers reach pre-COVID levels again.

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