Advancing Towards Zero Waste Declaration

London mayor Sadiq Khan, along with 22 other cities, has signed an initiative run by C40 called Advancing Towards Zero Waste Declaration. This agreement has committed London to reduce the amount of waste generated by each citizen by 15%, cut the amount of waste sent to landfills and incineration by 50% and increase the diversion rate to 70%, all by 2030. Continue reading “Advancing Towards Zero Waste Declaration”

Changing Landfill Tax

Earlier this year, HMRC announced that it was changing Landfill Tax. This change included an increase from £86.10 to £88.85 per tonne for standard rate materials. On top of this change, many more people are now being held accountable for any unauthorised disposal of waste. This includes any person who “knowingly causes or facilitates” the illegal disposal. Continue reading “Changing Landfill Tax”