Why Recycle?

why recycle

Quite simply, the recycling of waste materials is vital to providing a sustainable future. Sending materials to landfill is both dangerous and wasteful. Landfilled (organic) waste will slowly biodegrade, in the process producing methane gas, which is over twenty times more harmful than CO2. Instead, we should be extracting as much value as possible from our waste so that we can reuse or recycle.

Certain materials, such as aluminium, for example, used to make soft drink and food cans can be recycled indefinitely and the energy used to recycle one can is only 5% of that required to create one from new. It is a proven fact that manufacturing from recyclable material offers far more benefits than manufacturing from raw materials. Even materials that cannot be recycled, such as food waste, can be returned to life as renewable gases and fertilisers for use as energy and compost.

By recycling we reduce the need to use natural resources. By reducing our waste we decrease the need for more landfill. By reusing more we can save money and reduce the need to consume and produce more waste.

Zero Waste to Landfill

Due to their polluting nature, landfill sites have come under massive legislative scrutiny and bear rapidly increasing taxes to discourage the practice. Consequently, waste companies that do not recycle and rely only on landfill, will see their waste removal costs escalate to levels that would make them uncompetitive.

We are proud to say that Simply Waste Solutions achieved ‘zero to landfill’ status back in 2012 which means we guarantee that all our waste is either recycled, into second-life materials, or transformed into energy to be used by local homes and businesses. Not only can we audit your site, or sites, to identify what might be recycled, but we can also introduce a collection infrastructure to help achieve maximum recycling and landfill avoidance.

Whilst the waste market is now moving away from landfill, you may be surprised to learn that landfill taxes still have a major influence on larger waste companies, who own reprocessing facilities and who still base their gate prices on those of landfill sites. Because these facilities are privately owned, the investment needs to be recouped which is achieved by keeping their pricing as competitive as possible.

Simply Waste Solutions partner with a number of independently owned facilities that not only use advanced technology to extract as much value from waste as possible but also are highly competitive, meaning that we can deliver lower pricing for our customers.