Total Waste Management Solutions

total waste management

The complete solution to all your waste disposal needs

Simply Waste Solutions offers a reliable, flexible and cost-effective total waste management service that includes the assessment, collection and recycling of all waste streams.

We operate a large fleet of modern vehicles with ADR trained drivers and can provide you with a complete range of bins, skips, compactors and container systems, tailored to your specific needs.

Monthly Management Information reports keep you fully informed and outline, for example, the amount of waste collected and diverted from landfill.

Within the ever-changing landscape in waste legislation and regulations, and with the onus of responsibility falling on the waste producer, Simply Waste aims to solve this headache for you. We are experienced in managing contracts with multiple waste streams ensuring 100% compliance.

In addition, Simply Waste has a proven track record in helping its clients improve efficiencies by maximising revenues from commodities such as cardboard, paper, plastic and metal as well as identifying operational cost savings.


Clear business benefits

We manage your waste, so you don’t have to. With our team of knowledgeable waste management experts, we will work hand-in-hand with you, developing tailor-made solutions for managing and handling your waste whilst, at the same time, providing you with continuous support and high levels of customer service at every stage.

We can tailor integrated solutions for all of our clients that will:

  • Maximise revenues
  • Maximise recycling
  • Minimise cost
  • Minimise landfill
  • Reduce carbon output
  • Integrated solutions

    We offer cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of waste streams, whether hazardous or not, giving you the convenience of using one supplier who can take care of all your waste management needs.

    As part of a Total Waste Management contract, Simply Waste Solutions can help with all commercial waste streams including:

    If you are interested in our Total Waste Management package please contact us to find out how we can help your business achieve its targets.


    John Lewis Partnership Case Study

    John Lewis was looking to partner a company that could work with them to deliver high levels of service, full environmental compliance and a ‘Road Map’ to improved levels of recycling, landfill avoidance and cost savings. There was limited proactive management from their incumbent supplier to drive improvements, increase recycling and save money. The rigidity of the service being provided burdened John Lewis with unnecessary cost. The waste contract was with a single supplier and had been in place for approx. 8 years. Waste recovery was non-existent with 100% of the general waste stream being disposed of at landfill.

    Simply Waste Solutions (SWS) has worked for John Lewis since 2010 delivering a ‘zero to landfill’ solution to stores in the London area. Impressed by high levels of customer service and a desire to reduce John Lewis’s reliance on landfill, John Lewis commissioned SWS to deliver a nationwide waste management service, utilising its own infrastructure as well as its national recycling led partners.

    The Results

    By the end of 2011, SWS completed the transition, managing all of the John Lewis stores and distribution sites nationwide. A key factor to the success of the account is the high levels of customer service, the ability to offer a flexible service at each site, management information and a recycling led solution.

    25% of net cost savings were achieved across the estate with recovery and recycling levels from the general waste stream rising from 0% to 88% nationwide. Second sentence: The appointment of Simply Waste saw enhanced levels of customer service, increased compliance and a reduction in collections which improved John Lewis’ carbon footprint. The solution we put in place met our client’s goals of financial savings and improving environmental credentials through the diversion of waste.