Recycling Schemes You May Not Know About

Recycling continues to be a hot topic and most brands are trying to find more sustainable packaging or helping with recycling their hard-to-recycle at-home packaging. Some brands even offer rewards for recycling your empties but these schemes aren’t always well publicised. We’ve put together just a few that we know about and we think deserve to be shouted about more.
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Sustainable Alternatives

If everyone made a few simple swaps to a more sustainable alternative, the knock-on effects for the world would be hugely positive. But, where do you start and how do you know what’s truly sustainable and what isn’t? Here we’re going to explore a few simple swaps that everyone could make to reduce their own impact on the environment. Continue reading “Sustainable Alternatives”

Five things you may not know about recycling – Recycle Week 2020

By improving our understanding of waste and recycling, we can all do our bit and make a significant difference to the future of the world we live in. What makes things challenging is the numerous myths and misconceptions out there, surrounding what you can throw in which bin and the broad range of different symbols we find ourselves confronted with on products on packaging.
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How COVID-19 Might Effect the Waste Industry – Hospitality

The hospitality industry has had to adapt quickly over the past few months. Many small, independent restaurants and pubs didn’t offer a takeaway service which meant no trade and significantly, no income. This has led to a large amount of businesses now starting takeaway services in order to survive. Continue reading “How COVID-19 Might Effect the Waste Industry – Hospitality”