Additional Safety Features Added To The Simply Waste HGV Fleet

Due to the industry threat of roll-away incidents (failure of handbrake) and the increasing possibility of theft, we have worked hard to help ensure all our vehicles are safe from these types of threats. As a result, we have recently had new safety equipment fitted to our HGV fleet. This will prevent any likelihood of handbrake failure and/or the possibility of vehicle thefts.
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Saving Money on Waste Management

As we all know, saving money and maximising your profit are hugely significant factors in business, particularly after the past year. Waste management is an essential part of many businesses’ operations and we want to help you get the most of out of your money by putting together our top tips to keep waste and recycling collection costs down.

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Top Three Littered Items

Littering is a big problem globally. In a 2017/18 report carried out by Keep Britain Tidy, it was reported that 18% of the 7,200 sites tested across England did not meet an acceptable level for litter. The report lists 10 of the most common pieces of litter found. We’re going to explore the top three troublesome items and how littering them is damaging the environment. Continue reading “Top Three Littered Items”

Recycling Schemes You May Not Know About

Recycling continues to be a hot topic and most brands are trying to find more sustainable packaging or helping with recycling their hard-to-recycle at-home packaging. Some brands even offer rewards for recycling your empties but these schemes aren’t always well publicised. We’ve put together just a few that we know about and we think deserve to be shouted about more.
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