China to Ban Imports of Waste Materials

Operation National Sword China notified the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on 18th July that from the beginning of 2018 it plans to ban imports of 24 different grades of waste materials. This change in policy is named Operation National Sword. Chinese customs officials have been told to focus on the quality of waste paper and […]

A-Z Waste Directory

Material Waste Stream Recyclable? Primary Disposal Alt. Disposal Notes Textbook Dry Mixed Recycling DMR Residual Adhesive Hazardous Bespoke Contact Us. Hazardous Waste must be collected separately. Aerosols Hazardous Bespoke Contact Us. Hazardous Waste must be collected separately. Aluminium Drink Cans (Clean and Dry Only) Metal DMR Residual Aluminium Foil Metal Residual Aluminium Foil – soiled […]

Boomerang Waste

Following China’s ban on imported waste in late 2018, developed countries have been sending its waste to developing south-east Asian countries for disposal and recycling. Recently there have been containers that have been refused due to incorrect labelling and contamination from several countries.


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Death of the DMR Bin?

As of 1st January 2018, China imposed a worldwide ban on 24 types of plastic and paper waste. This has caused a variety of issues for many waste collectors. Before the ban was introduced, countries would send their waste to China, it would often be of poor quality and not always as described. For example, […]